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We focus on two main areas of research: Immunogenetics and Cancer Genetics

Regulation of immunoglobulin class switch recombination in human B cells

  • The project is aimed at understanding the complex molecular mechanisms involved in DNA editing, repair and recombination during immunoglobulin class switch recombination (CSR) and somatic hypermutation (SHM) and their involvement in the pathophysiological processes leading to immunodeficiency, genome instability and cancer development in humans.

Induced pluripotent stems cells a platform for personalized diagnosis and therapy in patients with primary immunodeficiency

  • The project is aimed at reprogramming the fibroblasts or peripheral blood B cells derived from IgA deficient (IgAD) patients into pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and to re-differentiate these iPS cells into antibody-producing B cells. If successful, this study may provide a potentially curative treatment in patients with IgA deficiency. They will also provide a methodological platform for studies aimed at replacing cells in patients with a variety of other primary immunodeficiency diseases as well as autoimmune and neurological disorders associated with these diseases.

Discovery of therapeutic targets in B cell lymphoma by next generation sequencing

  • The project is aimed at identifying potentially treatable molecular targets in mature B cell lymphomas (with focus on diffuse large B cell lymphomas and mantle cell lymphomas) by high-throughput, next generation-sequencing omic- technologies such as whole genome and exome sequencing and RNA-seq.

Funding and Partners

Our projects are conducted thanks to the support of remarkable funding agencies and partners

European research concil European research concil
Vetenskapsrådet Vetenskapsrådet
barncancer fonden barncancer fonden
National Natural Sciences Foundation of China National Natural Sciences Foundation of China
Karolinska Institutet Karolinska Institutet
Stiftelsen för internationalisering av högre utbildning och forskning Stiftelsen för internationalisering av högre utbildning och forskning
Cancerfonden Cancerfonden
Stockholms läns landstings Stockholms läns landstings